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What is GeoGrid?

GeoGridTM is a cellular, interlocking, HDPE (High-density polyethylene) plastic paving slab.


Ok.. In simple terms, GeoGridTM is a plastic cellular paving grid for reinforcing grass, gravel or decorative stones, creating a surface that is safe and easy to walk, ride and drive on, while being free draining. Surface water is returned to the ground rather than putting pressure on drains and stormwater systems.

GeoGridTM offers an attractive alternative to concrete and asphalt pavements and concrete grass stabilisation products, and is very easy for the home handyman to install. The plastic panels simply clip together and are laid just under the surface. With the correct sub-base, GeoGridTM pavers can take the weight of trucks.




GeoGridTM has a wide

variety of infill options.

GeoGridTM is significantly cheaper than concrete.

On average GeoGridTM is 73% cheaper!

GeoGridTM supports significantly more weight than concrete - typically up to 200 tons per square metre! Where a standard 100mm concrete surface can withstand only a fraction of that.

GeoGridTM lends itself to being used with a variety of different infill materials and aggregates such as Gravel, Road base, Sand, Soil, Decorative Gravel, Pebbles and even Grass.

GeoGridTM is considerably lighter than concrete. One square metre of concrete at 100mm thick weighs around 240kg! GeoGridTM weighs just 4.5kg per square meter and is half the thickness of a typical concrete driveway, just 50mm.

Benefits of GeoGrid

A soil stabilization ground reinforcement eco-grid system

Visually unobtrusive: 95% of surface area available for infill

Do-it-yourself installation in many applications.

Can be saw cut

Load bearing capacity of up to 200 tons per square metre

Typically one third the price of concrete

Interlocking system  to prevent lateral movement

Environmentally friendly paving alternative

Easy to install, can be cut to accommodate design details

Prevents soil compaction - water permeable surface

Can be soil & seeded or gravel filled as an alternate landscaping system

UV stable, unaffected by extremes of temperature

Allows storm water to flow directly into natural aquifers

GeoGridTM is 100% recyclable and non-toxic

Wide temperature resistance... -40C to 90C

What Can GeoGrid Be Used For?

Car Parks

Storm water management


Dust reduction

Livestock pathways

Machinery shed flooring


Caravan Parks


Grass car parks / fairgrounds


Disabled / wheelchair access

Helicopter landing pads

Erosion control


Emergency vehicle access roads

Heavy equipment parking

Temporary staging areas

Fire lanes

Concrete alternative

School playgrounds

Golf cart paths

Green space

Job & construction sites

Bus parking

Muddy parking solution


Farm driveways

Freight yards

Plus lots more...

Overflow parking

Animal enclosures



Grass verges

Traffic islands and roundabouts



*Saving when compared to the typical price of concrete